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Tax Projections and Planning

Income Tax Projections

Estimating future income and projecting tax liabilities based on current and anticipated financial activities.

Tax Efficiency Strategies

Developing strategies to optimize the timing and structure of income, expenses, and deductions for maximum tax efficiency.

Tax Credit Analysis

Identifying and analyzing available tax credits that can reduce a taxpayer’s overall tax liability.

Business Structure Optimization

Evaluating and recommending the most tax-efficient business structure, considering factors like pass-through taxation or corporate taxation.

Capital Gains and Losses Planning

Developing strategies for managing capital gains and losses to minimize tax implications.

Tax Impact of Real Estate Transactions

Providing guidance on the tax consequences of buying, selling, or leasing real estate.

Accountant explaining services

Tax Planning for Major Life Events

Advising on the tax implications of major life events, including but not limited to:

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Birth
  • Death
  • Moving
  • Job transitions

Our tax projection and planning services also encompass cash flow forecasting, preparing you for potential ups and downs in your fiscal future.

Federal, State, and Local Tax Compliance

At KMD, our CPAs have an in-depth understanding of federal, state, and local tax regulations and requirements. Tax law continuously changes, and we help individuals and businesses adapt accordingly.

Comprehensive Tax Compliance Analysis

Conducting a thorough examination of federal, state, and local tax obligations to ensure full compliance.

Strategic Tax Planning

Formulating and implementing strategic tax plans considering the nuances of federal, state, and local tax regulations.

Tailored Tax Structures for Multi-Jurisdictional Operations

Assisting in designing and implementing tax-efficient structures for businesses operating in multiple jurisdictions across the tri-state area.

Transaction and Business Advisory Services

In-Depth Tax Analysis

Conducting a thorough examination of tax implications and obligations related to business transactions.

Strategic Tax Planning

Formulating and implementing strategic tax plans to optimize outcomes resulting from business dealings.

Pre-Transaction Tax Due Diligence

Conducting comprehensive tax due diligence before business transactions to identify potential risks and opportunities.

Post-Transaction Tax Compliance

Collaborating with necessary parties to facilitate post-transaction tax compliance and reporting.

Negotiation and Structuring Assistance

Assisting in negotiations and structuring deals with a focus on minimizing tax implications.

Evaluation of Financing Alternatives

Assessing and advising on financing alternatives with consideration for their tax implications.

Estate and Trusts

Estate Tax Planning

Developing strategies to minimize estate taxes upon the transfer of assets to heirs, including taking advantage of legal exemptions and deductions.

Trust Tax Planning

Advising on tax-efficient strategies for trusts, considering income tax implications and distribution planning.

Gift Tax Planning

Assisting in planning and structuring gifts to minimize gift tax liabilities, potentially utilizing annual exclusions and lifetime exemptions.

Generation-Skipping Transfer (GST) Tax Planning

Advising on strategies to minimize taxes when transferring assets to grandchildren or future generations.

Charitable Giving and Deductions

Structuring charitable giving within estates and trusts to maximize deductions while helping you achieve your philanthropic goals.

Valuation of Estate Assets

Providing expertise in valuing estate assets, which largely factors into determining estate tax liabilities.

Coordination with Legal Advisors

Collaborating with legal professionals to ensure that tax strategies align with your goals.

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